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Community Employment

Community Employment sponsored employment and training programme helps long-term unemployed people to re-enter the active workforce by breaking their experience of unemployment through a return-to-work routine.

The programme assists them to enhance and develop both their technical and personal skills which can then be used in the workplace.

We became accredited sponsors in 1994 and pride ourselves on providing real, quality CE placements that make a real difference in the lives of participants.  During 2012, we had a total of 39 participants on CE and over 40% of these moved into employment and/or education.  We also boast a great record of working closely with participants around their needs and have provided transfers to departments more relevant to their future career paths. If you qualify for a CE scheme why not think about becoming part of the Dublin YMCA team?

One of our previous participants had this to say:

“After six years of unemployment due to a long term illness, I was searching for part time work that would allow me time to rebuild at my own pace and found it on the Community Employment Scheme in the City of Dublin YMCA. I regained much lost confidence in an environment that gave me the opportunity to gradually increase my abilities. After up skilling through the training budget, I discovered the drive to volunteer and gradually build up to full time hours. From my experience in the YMCA lasting a little over two years, I found myself ready for full time employment and was able to acquire an exciting job prospect elsewhere”.
Do you qualify for a Community Employment Scheme?

If you are 25 years or over and are currently in receipt of any of the following payments for 12 months or more then you qualify for a CE Scheme.

  •     Jobseeker’s Benefit (JB)
  •     Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA)
  •     One-Parent Family Payment (OFP)
  •     Widow’s/Widower’s Non-Contributory Pension
  •     Widow’s/Widower’s Contributory Pension
  •     Deserted Wife Benefit (DWB)
  •     Farm Assist (FA)
  •     Time spent in receipt of carers allowance can also count towards the 12 month eligibility period, but caring responsibilities must have ceased and the person must currently be in receipt of JA, JB or OFP

Dublin YMCA  currently have Community Employment vacancies in Aungier St & Sandymount:

Youth Work (Aungier St) Ref: 2012168
Housekeeping Assistant x 2 (Aungier St) Ref: 2059192
Maintenance/ Groundskeeper (Sandymount) Ref: 2059198
Maintenance Assistant (Aungier St) Ref: 2059199
Childcare Assistant (Aungier St) Ref: 2059201
Housekeeping Assistant (Sandymount) Ref: 2059202

Please contact your local DSP /Employment services office for eligibility quoting the relevant reference number or for more information on any of the positions contact Ann Merriman on 01 478 2607.