Beginners Step Course

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The beginners step course is aimed at people who have never taken part in a music-based class or who have an interest in taking step classes but don’t know where to begin.

The “step” is a raised platform that you step up, around and down from in different patterns. This low-impact workout will work your lower body, strengthen your muscles, increase heart rate and help to burn fat.

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During the course, participants will not only learn how to use an aerobic step but also how to move in time with the music executing certain choreography as set out by the instructor. The movements will be broken down and walked through step by step and will, therefore, introduce participants to this aerobic style class whilst building confidence with the movements and exercising in time to the music.

The course won’t be as intense as a regular step aerobics class as participants will learn the movements from the ground up.

This course is aimed at beginners but novices are more than welcome if they wish to brush up on some of their techniques.