Pilates Course Sandymount

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This 6 week Pilates course will give you an introduction to the concept of core strength and how Pilates movements work to strengthen the “mind to muscle” connection.Pilates is a series of non/low-impact exercises to develop strength, improve posture,  flexibility, balance and inner awareness. 


For more information  on the next course email ciara.holmes@ymca-ireland.net

These exercises can be done by anyone at any fitness level and the exercises can be adapted for those with limited movement or physical conditions. Pilates is also helpful in preventing and rehabilitating those who have injuries. This will be a matwork based Pilates course with the participants using their own body weight for strength exercises.

Perfect for anyone looking to make a start in Pilates, our qualified instructor will offer guidance and knowledge throughout the 6-week program.

45 minute long class per week will work the core muscle groups with emphasis on movement and contract those muscles individually and breaking down exercises to asses what muscles are working.