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One Step at a time, by Eleonora

01 Jul 2016

Hi everyone! In the past days I’ve often thought about my EVS experience so far. The students of the second chance education programme in which I’m involved here graduated at the end of June, so the core of my EVS project is now finished. It has been an incredibly enriching experience and I can’t believe […]


Listen to West Dublin YMCA Healthy Eating Song!

30 Jun 2016

Last week was the last week of our clubs in PAKT Brookfield this year. Kids are out for the summer, and for us it meant that it was time to look back and reflect at what we’ve achieved, congratulate the kids on finishing and growing through another year, give out certificates and show end of […]


Educational Challenge: Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle by Chiara

16 Jun 2016

How can we help our kids and the new generation to improve their lifestyle? That’s the question that we have been trying to answer and put in practice in our PAKT afternoon club in Tallaght. During the last few weeks we have been working on how to spur the kids to follow a healthy lifestyle. […]


I won’t stop learning, by Roberto

10 Jun 2016

Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands, Connemara, GALWAY, and a feeling inside you saying that you are really enjoying life. Those lands are unbelievable, the last County I will visit in Ireland. Previously, I loved the rest of big cities in my new Island: Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway. Poker. Furthermore, If one travels with a good […]


Dublin is changing, by Sonia

03 Jun 2016

Do you think the weather can change a city and its environment? From my point of view and my experience, the answer is completely affirmative. Even though the summer started almost one month ago, the last 29th of May was my first taste of summer this year, at least something similar of what I understand […]


Thanks, by Eleonora

02 Jun 2016

Hi everyone! This is my last post on this blog so I’m taking the opportunity to thank all those of you who has shared my EVS experience here with me. I’ll start with thanking the YMCA for having given me this opportunity and for what they do for people day after day. I’d like to […]