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Adventure all around, by Eva

30 May 2016

Spring has come and with it brings the opportunity to travel. Galway, Cork, Inishmore, Connemara…are now ticked off my list! I was in love especially with the big Aran Island, it felt like the kind of place I would like to go for a year, lock myself in a cottage, and have a novel written […]


Enjoying spring, by Eleonora

19 May 2016

Hi everyone! Spring is giving us longer and brighter days, so it’s the perfect period of the year to stay outdoor as much as possible and enjoy Dublin and its surroundings even more. I’ve always been fascinated by historic buildings and in particular castles. Luckily, when it comes to castles, Ireland offers quite a few […]


Random and Unpredictability in our lives, by Max

13 May 2016

One late night, when you are not totally in your mind you book a hostel in Wexford and your friend buys 2 bus tickets there. Next morning you get on the bus and check the hostel online once again. Apparently it’s 40 km from Wexford, where your bus is going. You don’t freak out and […]


Benefits of Irish nature on our wellbeing, by Chiara

06 May 2016

I do firmly believe in a therapeutic results of spending time immersed in a nature environment. I don’t want to talk about the weather, which is a constant topic of conversation in this Island, however, I’d like to say just one thing: I am so glad that the winter is over. I finally wake up […]


Volunteer Get Together at YMCA Greenhill

04 May 2016

For the first time, EVS volunteers across Ireland were given the opportunity to travel to YMCA Greenhill to meet the volunteers working there. The experience, developed during 3 days in April, proved to be a unique one for everyone involved as they could participate in the sessions leaded by the young residents.YMCA Ireland hopes to […]


Exciting 2 months, by Roberto

29 Apr 2016

The last two months have been so exciting for me. Everything started with the visit of my dear father and brother. When one is abroad, what is missed the most is family. So that, I couldn´t start my second part of my volunteering in a better way. came to Ireland to discover myself again, a […]