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One Step at a time, by Eleonora

Hi everyone!
In the past days I’ve often thought about my EVS experience so far. The students of the second chance education programme in which I’m involved here graduated at the end of June, so the core of my EVS project is now finished. It has been an incredibly enriching experience and I can’t believe that the academic year is already gone.

During the past months the students and I have studied different vocational subjects. I really enjoyed the process of working together and the byproduct is that now I know more about the world of work too. Anyway, the most important lesson I’ve learned isn’t a particular knowledge of some topics, what I can now deeply understand is the importance of giving a chance. One way to give a chance to others is not being afraid to show your true self and being comfortable with showing some vulnerability to establish true connections. One way to give a chance to yourself is willingly embracing new challenges and raising the bar, and then valuing more your eagerness to put yourself to the test than the perfection of your results. Also, I’ve come to realise the fundamental role of soft skills in our lives and the impact of our capacity to encourage, sympathise and be there for others. This positive vision is what I want to take with me from now on.

Besides, in my free time I like walking and relaxing in the many parks of Dublin. I recently visited the National Botanic Gardens and St Anne’s Park once again, so I can compare their summer versions with their previous winter ones. Generally I don’t mind the weather but I have to recognize that the bright summer days in June created a totally different atmosphere! I recommend a visit to these parks in this period of the year as their rose gardens have bloomed and the amount of colorful flowers is just amazing.


Views of the National Botanical Gardens