“I thought they were very good and helpful to all of us we would have a light laugh and joke at the start and they get everything off our chest and let rip at each other and we would all have a great day even though we wanted to kill each other at the meeting but we would leave all our differences at the table and go to our computers.”

“This program benefited me more than any other I have ever participated in. It thought me self-discipline, resilience, honesty, respect, patience as well as ICT and work skills. When I started the program, I had no aspirations and now I’m going to college in September and have a part-time job waiting for me when I finish here.”


“Great!!! It builds my confidence. It was the best experience and I will take everything with me and excited for the next chapter. It has given me the opportunity to find myself as a person and how important it is, without Siobhan and Martha it would have been different. They help me grow and I will always take everything they ever told me onboard. I respect them for all that they have done and will miss STEP”

“STEP did help me a lot after STEP I am going into work in a creche. STEP has given me the confidence to go after something and it’s never too early to change career paths.”

“Helped me improve my skills and qualities and helped me learn new skills.”


“A safe place to go every day”

“Got to meet with people and develop confidence”

“I believe the skills I've learned in Step will help me find a job.”

“Step has given me a much better look on how the world work.”

“I loved my work experience and they loved me too. I was even offered a part-time job there when I complete the STEP course.” “The program has helped me to get into college and to secure part-time employment.” “I found the work really easy to keep up with and if ever I struggled, my tutors offered as much help as they could.” “The assignments very fairly easy and the coordinators let us take our time in getting the work done. “

“Step has helped me improve my handwriting, spelling, and reading and I am very thankful for that.”

“Gave me the stuff to put on my CV”

“Helped me go to college and get into a good routine”